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Exploring the Top Ten Hottest Graphic Design Trends of 2023

Graphic design is a constantly-evolving industry, reaching new heights every year with the latest trends. Graphic design trends can vary year over year depending on advances in technology and design sensibilities. Here, we take a look at the ten hottest graphic design trends for 2023 and beyond.

1. Bold Typography

Bold typography has become a major trend in graphic design in 2023, as more designers look to make creative statements with their type. Bold type can be used to draw attention to important points or to give visual excitement to a design. Bold typefaces can be used in corporate branding, web design, and even print advertising.

2. Bright Colors

Vibrant colors are definitely making a resurgence in graphic design in 2023. Bright colors can be used to create energy and convey positive messages in graphic design and advertising. Utilizing a variety of colors in a design can evoke different meanings, depending on the context and colors used.

3. Experimentation with Shapes

Building on the trend of bright colors, graphic designers are beginning to experiment with shapes and colors in new ways. This can include using abstract geometric shapes or using irregular shapes and patterns to create movement in a design. Experimenting with shapes can take a design to the next level and create an interesting visual experience.

4. Simplicity

As the graphic design industry continues to grow, there is an increasing emphasis on simplicity in design. This includes using simpler typefaces, color palettes, and layouts to create a more minimalistic look. Simplicity is key to successful design in 2023, allowing for more focus on the message and content.

5. Brush Strokes

As digital design tools become more advanced, brush strokes are becoming increasingly popular in digital graphic design. Designers are now able to replicate the look and feel of traditional art, such as the use of vibrant brush strokes to create a digital painting. This trend adds texture and dimension to a design, giving it a more dynamic look.

6. Deconstructed Typography

Deconstructed typography has been gaining popularity in 2019, and this trend is expected to continue into 2023. Instead of using traditional fonts, designers are taking typography and breaking it down into shapes and fragments to create a unique look. This can be used to create a distinct identity for a brand or product.

7. Gradients

Gradients are another trend that has been gaining traction in graphic design in 2023. Using gradients in design adds depth and dimension to a design, and can also be used as a color-transition effect. Gradients are often used to create a sense of motion in a design, and can be used to create bold, vibrant designs.

8. Bold Logos

Bold logos have seen a resurgence in recent years, as more designers look to create eye-catching logos that stand out from the crowd. These logos often utilize bold colors and powerful visuals to create a lasting impression. Bold logos are an effective way to grab a viewer’s attention and make a strong statement.

9. Vintage Aesthetics

Vintage graphics are still popular in 2023, as designers use them to create a nostalgic or retro look. Retro graphics elicit a sense of style that is timeless and classic, adding a unique touch to a design. When used appropriately, vintage graphics can give a modern design a classic twist.

10. Low Poly Art

Low poly art has increasingly become popular in the last few years, and is expected to continue this trend into 2023. Low poly art is created with simple geometric shapes and vivid colors, resulting in a 3D design with a pixely texture. This trend is being heavily utilized in web design, corporate branding, and even video game design.


The graphic design industry is constantly evolving, with trends coming and going each year. The ten hottest graphic design trends for 2023 will undoubtedly bring new energy and excitement to the industry and help push the boundaries of what is possible in a design. From bold typography to low poly art, these trends are sure to help take your visuals to the next level.

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